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At ComplyWith we love developing new ways to help businesses understand their legal obligations. We apply our 'make the complex stuff simple’ magic to distil legislation & regulation into accessible easy-to-read content.

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170227 Unplugged

A strong customer community has always been part of ComplyWith's DNA. The 2017 Unplugged event at Te Papa on 28 March was a fantastic event – but don’t just take our word for it, here is what attendees said:

“Overall great sessions, great opportunity to network and hear what others are doing”

“Keep it up - great & refreshing format for a conference, very collegial and relaxed”

“There were many useful tips provided that will assist me in my day-to-day role”

To view presentation slides from Unplugged 2017 click on the links below:

Legal risk and compliance for tertiary education organisations

Here at ComplyWith we live and breathe legal risk. We work relentlessly hard to humanise the law so that people can know what they need to know and organisations can end the guess work when it comes to compliance. To learn more about three of the latest regulatory changes affecting the TEO community click here.

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Health and Safety Resources

Check Out Our Health and Safety Trigger Cards

A simple, fun and visual way to get your head around some key concepts in the new legislation.

ComplyWith's Easy-to-Read Guide to Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 Defined Terms

There are several changes in key definitions and terminology in the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015. To help you understand what is being talked about we have developed a helpful health and safety ‘definitions’ guide

Guide to Implementing Reporting the on Health & Safety at Work Act - provides thorough notes for parts of our Health & Safety compliance content. Read & download here

Article Series: How-To Comply With New Health and Safety Laws

CWith circle 22pxHealth & Safety - What's Changing for Us as Businesses? An overview. Read full article

CWith circle 22pxHealth & Safety - The Due Diligence Duty. Read full article

CWith circle 22pxHealth & Safety - Workers & Their New Duties. Read full article


Electricity Industry Participation Code Resources

ComplyWith’s Super-Easy-To-Use Definitions Guide With over 600 unique definitions, Part 1 of the EIP Code  creates bit of a ‘challenge’ when accessed as a single PDF or webpage. So, here’s our gift to you - a super-easy way of accessing and understanding Part 1 of the Code.