Safety first

In business today the stakes are high and accountability for compliance stops at the top. ComplyWith gives directors, CEOs and senior managers assurance that the compliance risks they are ultimately responsible for are being managed effectively.

Knowledge + Action = Compliance

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Knowledge – distil the essential elements

ComplyWith identifies, translates and organises the law so that your business has everything covered. You can achieve your goals knowing you, your people, your assets and your reputation are safe.

ComplyWith distils the essential elements from the vast, confusing and ever-changing array of legislation and translates them into simple and accessible content for normal business people – online, in real time.

Action – ensure compliance is happening in your business

The rich legal compliance content in ComplyWith can be delivered online to your people in a range of innovative ways to ensure that they know what they need to know – whether by way of activity-based checklists or Act by Act summaries or other formats.

ComplyWith – New Zealand’s most trusted and proven compliance program

Over 80 New Zealand organisations, from regulators to manufacturers, use the ComplyWith program to understand, monitor and report on their compliance obligations. The program is supported by a responsive help desk and backed up by our highly experienced and legally qualified team.

ComplyWith includes

Compliance content for the legislation applying to all areas of your business activities, from generic areas like employment and health and safety through to unique operational activities. Delivered in plain English as:

  • Legislative compliance content that is updated in real time;
  • Concise activity/obligation-based questions; and
  • Commentaries, which explain the obligations, penalties for non-compliance etc; and
  • Online links to guidance documents and resources. You can also link to your own policies and procedures.

Delivery of compliance information into your business in a range of usable formats, including activity-based checklists;

A compliance monitoring interface that is efficient and easy to use (for both administrators and users) that enables compliance assurance information to be gathered from right across your business;

Visibility on compliance performance and risks across your business through the range of ComplyWith reporting options; and

Delivered online, in real time, through the innovative ComplyWith program that is intuitive and easy to use, and fully supported by our helpdesk and legally qualified and experienced compliance professionals.


The scale of regulatory change hitting New Zealand business is unprecedented – ComplyWatch makes keeping your business forewarned and ahead of the game easy. Forearmed with knowledge of emerging regulatory change – you are best placed to have input into the change processes and prepare for change – better ensuring victory in achieving your business goals.

Forewarned, forearmed;
to be prepared is half the victory

Miguel De Cervantes

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ComplyWatch distils the essential elements from the vast, confusing and ever-changing array of regulatory change noise and translates it into simple and accessible content for normal business people – online, in real time.

ComplyWatch includes

Comprehensive coverage of all regulatory change processes relevant to your business.

Tailored in-box notifications so the User chooses the frequency and coverage of notifications they receive (e.g. instant notifications for high priority areas, and weekly or monthly scheduled overview reports for other areas).

All the useful information in one place, so the User can select to view:

  • Brief descriptions of the developments in a regulatory change process when they occur;
  • Key dates, deadlines and contacts;
  • Plain English summaries of what is going on at each stage;

Click-through access to all documents relevant to regulatory change processes, plus load in copies of your organisation's relevant documents (e.g. submissions).

Delivered online in real time through the ComplyWatch program which is intuitive, easy to use, and fully supported by our help desk.

Change Process Diagram