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Reporting on Health & Safety Duties & Obligations that Apply to Your Business

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This guidance is primarily for the benefit of current subscribers to ComplyWith looking to set up reporting on your business’s compliance with the new health and safety laws. If you are not a ComplyWith client yet we hope you also get value out of this guidance.

"People want to do a good job. Align aspirations with compliance."

The simple diagram below illustrates the process for getting robust reporting against the applicable legal requirements in place, followed by more detailed notes for each step in the process. And our Guide to Implementing Reporting the on Health & Safety at Work Act is available for you to download here. It provides thorough notes for part of our H&S content - namely the HSW Act, General Risk Regulations & Worker Engagement Regulations.

Health & Safety Reporting Implementation Diagram

Getting the What, How, Who - Overview

To implement meaningful reporting on any legal obligations it is important to undertake the initial groundwork to get clarity about what the business does, how the law applies and who is best placed to report those legal obligations. 

It is useful to break the process down into these three key elements - what, how, who - although in reality all three can likely be covered in one session when meeting with representatives from different parts of the business. We strongly recommend taking the time to meet with people in the business - as this inevitably will provide more fulsome and accurate information and promotes ‘buy-in’ to the overall process.

To be able to identify which duties and obligations apply to a business, there must be clarity about what the business does as seen through the lens of the H&S laws. Ask "What do we do here?" and "How does the law apply?".

Read our Guide to Implementing Reporting the on Health & Safety at Work Act for detail on how to go about achieving this. 

Get in touch if you'd like help with setting up health and safety compliance reporting using our great new ComplyWith content.