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Scope of the New H&S Laws & Our Coverage

Much of what you read about the new health and safety laws makes it sound like there is just the new Health and Safety at Work Act to worry about – in fact there are a whole raft of new regulations, ‘dressed-up’ old regulations and old regulations that have not been updated, to comply with.  

The diagram below sets out the current regime as from 4 April 2016.  And the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2016 are still to come – the draft is 524 pages long! 

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Rehumanising the Health & Safety Laws

The new legislation reads as if it was written to keep lawyers in business! At ComplyWith we are working hard to make the law more accessible in every sense. Because the law is meant to serve people and make life better.

We present legal duties and obligations in plain English with easy access to a wealth of helpful guidance. Key concepts are presented as icons which you can click-through to explanations.

Screenshot of ComplyWith content showing H&S icons 

Another way to make the law accessible is to structure the content to align with how business think about these things. Here's how we have approached structuring our health and safety content:

ComplyWith HSW Content Structure


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